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  • : The OFFICIAL blog for the fan, the curious, the supporter of the French sensation, introducing CHEICK KONGO! Le blog officiel pour les fans, les curieux, les supporters de la French sensation j'ai nomme CHEICK KONGO!
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Cheick Kongo is born in May 17 1975 in Paris France He is a professional French heavyweight freefighter  currently under contract with the UFC

Height: 6.4
Weight: 240lbs
Age: 34
Team: Wolsflair MMA Academy
Manager: Anthony Mcgann
Trainer: Dave J, Zach Light et Flavio Santiago

Kongo began training in martial arts when he was 5 years old, learning Kendo,Savate french boxe and Karate As he grew older, he began to expand his repertoire and trained in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Greco-romaine wrestling. At age 19, he learned of Pencak Silat, an Indonesian martial art, and was coached by Charles Joussot and Franck Roppers.


MMA record

              Record    Result          Opponent                    Event           Method

06/13/2009    14-5-1     Loss     Cain Velasquez (USA)        UFC99       Unanimous decision
04/18/2009    14-4-1     Win     Antoni Hardonk (NDL)        UFC97      TKO(round 2)
12/27/2009    13-4-1     Win     Mostapha Al Turk (UK)       UFC92      TKO(round1)
08/09/2008    12-4-1    Win     Dan Evensen (NOR)             UFC87      TKO(round1)
03/01/2008    11-4-1     Loss     Heath Herring (USA)         UFC82       Split decision
09/08/2007    11-3-1    Win     Mirko "CRO COP"(CRO)       UFC75       Unanimous decision
04/21/2007    10-3-1    Win     Assuerio Silva (BRA)           UFC70       Majority decision
10/14/2006     9-3-1     Loss    Carmelo Marrero(USA)        UFC64       Split decision
08/26/2006    9-2-1     Win     Christian Wellisch(HUN)     UFC62       KO(round1)
07/08/2006    8-2-1     Win     Gilbert Aldana (USA)          UFC61       TKO(round1)
12/11/2006     7-2-1      Win    Dave Dalgliesh (NDL)           RINGS      TKO(round2)
06/04/2005    6-2-1     Win    Gabor Nemeth (HUN)           King of      TKO(round2)
                                                                                          the Ring
05/20/2004    5-2-1     Loss    Gilbert Yvel (NDL)              It's showtime  TKO(round2)
04/04/2004    5-1-1     Win     Joop Kasteel (NDL)             RINGS       KO(round1)
09/27/2003    4-1-1     Win     Dave Vader (NDL)               RINGS       Decision
06/08/2003    3-1-1     Win     Hans Nijman (NDL)             It's showtime  Submission (Arm bar)
09/29/2002    2-1-1     Draw   Michael Knaap (NDL)          It's showtime   Draw
06/02/2002    2-1        Loss    Rodney Faverus (NDL)        RINGS        Decision
12/02/2001     2-0       Win     Dave Van Der Veen (NDL)   RINGS        TKO
06/10/2001     1-0       Win     Andre Tete (NDL)               RINGS        KO(round2)                                                     
MUAY THAI record

14 victories 1 defeat


- 2005 King of the Colosseum tournament champion
- 2005 Rings World champion
- 2004 King of the Ring super heavyweight champion
- 2004 Muay Thai World champion
- 2003 Intercontinental Muay Thai champion
- 2002 Rings European champion
- 2001 Rings European vice champion


Earn the title of UFC Heavyweight champion!!!

Cheick Kongo is born in May 17 1975 in Paris France
He is a professional French heavyweight freefighter  currently under contract with the UFC

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